A successful bowling birthday party is not one of them.

Number of invitees: 25

Number that attended: 17

Age of Birthday Boy: 7

Number of Strikes: 12 *

Number of Gutter Balls: 200*

Pizza consumed (in boxes) 7

Pitchers of Lemonade: 3

Hours of Bowling: 1.5

Number of times Mommy cried: 1

Pictures taken: 124

Game Tokens Per Guest: 8

Money Spent on Party: $$$$$$$$$$$$

Seeing our son respond to his birthday and guests like never before, making it the most successful party we’ve ever thrown for our firstborn: Priceless.

*Totally made up figures, since I didn’t actually sit and count all of the strikes and gutter balls being thrown by 17 children over five lanes.* Duh.

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