I see you everywhere

You sit next to me as I get a haircut
Your body squirms as they turn on the blow dryer
Your father rushes over and tells you it’s okay
I want to tell you it’s okay too.

I see you on the playground, walking on your toes
Not belonging to anyone’s game
Too clumsy to climb the monkey bars
I want to rush to you
Start a conversation with your mother

I see you in the store
Waiting in the checkout line
Hands covering your ears
Body swaying
Trying to find balance
In an unstable world
I want to hug you
And help you feel safe

I see you in my son’s classroom
So different
Yet so the same
Someone else’s heart and soul

There is a connection.
Always. Sometimes it lasts seconds.
Sometimes I cannot get you out of my mind.
We are joined by the things we don’t yet understand
And I can pick you out of thousands,
Though now there are too many to count

We are together in this
I pray for your

as we silently part ways
I give you
A cosmic
High five

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