This past Saturday, our crazy, loud, obnoxious family sat down for some good ol fashioned turkey and my amazing sweet potato casserole (some say it tastes more like cake, but anyhoooo)

Raise your hand if you’re confused.

(Did you do it? Did you actually raise your hand, sitting alone at your computer? I totally would have….)

Anyway, yes, I realize it’s February, and not November, and that most people do not celebrate Thanksgiving this month, but we are not most people. In fact, we laugh in the face of conformity!

(Notice the little plastic pumpkins! We weren’t messing around)

We say, Let them eat Turkey!

Well, that and my grandma had all of her children in town, something that has not happened in decades. The Uncle straight from Poland (there are not enough descriptive words in the American and Polish dictionaries combined to effectively give you a glimpse of how insane this man is), the lovable and nutty Aunt from Chicago, and My Mama.

(Not twins, but holy moly, right?)

Add to that the usual commotion around here, plus some cousins from Las Vegas and we had ourselves a reunion.

We ate and sang and pounded our fists on the table. We played eenie meenee minee mo to see who would wash the dishes (my mom; though the guys were smart enough to foresee the future and know that it would be bleak if they didn’t step in and get dishpan hands).

I love that we made this night so special. The reason we got together was not a happy one; post-stroke, this would probably be grandma’s last time with all of her children and it hurts so bad to even write that out. But we were joyful in each other’s presence and my boys had front row seats to a beautiful example of family togetherness and how you don’t have to get plastered to have fun.

Yep. No excuses. The pictures taken were of sober people who were perfectly capable of making rational decisions.

Scary, huh?
(Come on, hum with me……..“we are family……”)
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