I had a different post in mind for tonight; something warm and fuzzy. Instead, I feel like venting.

I went to my classroom this afternoon, wanting to spruce up the place after having a three-week vacation. Upon entering I noticed that over 30 of my books were thrown all over my floor. After closer examination, I realized that someone had spelled out F**** U using my kindergarten storybooks. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and took some pictures using my cellphone before I quickly put the books away. I was in disbelief; our school, our tiny little slice of heaven in the heart of Orange County, is not home to vandals. It was only mere minutes later that I went to one of my computers and noticed it was on. Sure enough, after the screen saver came off, a porn site emerged. ARGHHHH!!

I locked myself in the room because now I was getting creeped out. I had lots of work to do and now my energy was being spent on the anger welling up inside of me. THE NERVE!!

I looked out the window and noticed that my best friend’s classroom (only ten feet away) was also vandalized. Her outdoor bulletin board had a an unsavory phrase spray painted on it it black. I contaced the head of Admin before I left and she came to school to do a walk-through. She found more graffiti and suspicious items (such as a hacksaw) left in classrooms.

It saddens me that this type of mean-spirited behavior gives certain people a thrill. You wanna toilet paper your neighbors house? Be my guest!! Porn sites and F*** U’s in my kindergarten classroom? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Anyway…it could have been worse and the damage is reversible, but it seriously chaps my hide that these punks did this and got away with it……………………

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