So i believe that once in a while it’s healthy to purge the ‘ol conscience a bit and admit to recent sins committed, no matter how big or small (let’s face it though, the bigger the sin, the better the story).

Below are some of my more recent infractions. However, I am sorry to say that my more interesting stories are far behind me. And given the fact that i am trying to at least maintain a PG-13 blog, I will not be posting about ANY of the sins i committed during my, ahem, less conservative days.

1. I have recently tacked on major mileage on my car by visiting the McDonald’s drive thru more times than I care to admit. I faintly remember promising myself, when my first born arrived, that I would never subject my children to the buckets of lard that are used in making those awesome fries. Total Lie.

2. I have allowed two (or more) days pass inbetween bathtime. Now, in my defense, our household has been under the weather and it is no small task to bathe two slippery, sniffling boys while my throat feels like there is grade 6 sandpaper in it (is that even how they categorize sandpaper? did I just make that up? Grade 6?? anyway, the really rough kind).

3. In the last week I have consistenly and unrelentlessly bribed my boys with the following:

a. popsicles
b. european chocolate
c. chocolate pudding
d. whipped cream
e. ice cream on a “giant” cone
f. fruit gushers (do not let the word “fruit” fool you)
g. marshmallow cereal
h. you get the drift.

4. Also bribed my kindergarten class with these same items.

5. Physically unable to eat just ONE 100 calorie snack bag of ANYTHING.

6. Use food to tackle the following emotions:

So obviously i have somewhat of an unhealthy relationship with food. hmmmm. now I am feeling overwhelmed which makes me anxious which of course means i better go and get several bags of 100 calorie cookies.

got anything YOU need to confess?

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