“Achoooo-ski!” – “Na Zdrowie!”

I’ve been sick for almost a week now with what appears to be the Cold from Hell. I’m sure it’s got an actual official name such as Coldus Luciferus, but Cold from Hell works too. Being sick isn’t even the worst part though. I also happen to be Polish (as in, I was born in [...]

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Polish Sausage Sandwiches Deserve to be Passed Down

“Oh my God. What is that smell?” “Eww! Where is it coming from?” “I’m gonna barf!” “Um, yeah, um, gross………um, yuck…….that’s so, um….ewww.” I tried my best to join in on the running commentary regarding the foul smell filling up my 3rd grade classroom a. Because it really did smell. b. Because the smell was [...]

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Urgent Memo

To: My Parents Subject: Why I’m Not You Just in case you didn’t already know it,few simple examples of why we are different. So, so very different. I serve my children hot dogs. Yes. Oscar Meyer. Stop hyperventilating Mama, the German Deli is not always open and the Polish Deli is overpriced. So yes, sometimes, [...]

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