We Used to be Siblings. Now We’re Sisters.

A few months ago, while cleaning out a closet, my sister Aggie stumbled upon a piece of the past, a small shard of our lives as siblings. Folded and tucked inside a small Sanrio Keroppi tin she used to use as a piggy bank, was a note my little sister had written to me in [...]

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“You’ve Got a Long Way to Go”

“You’ve got a long way to go,” he said. The words stung like hell. I knew he meant well; he always did, but I wish he had just slapped me instead. It would have hurt less and that kind of pain eventually goes away. “You’ve got a long way to go.” The words kept echoing [...]

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Lumberjacks are people too

In an effort to keep from rolling myself into the fetal position and giving in to the voices inside my head, I’ve convinced an innocent woman new therapist to take me on as a patient.  I found her through my network provider website, and picked her out of dozens of names because of her close proximity to my [...]

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