Polish Sausage Sandwiches Deserve to be Passed Down

“Oh my God. What is that smell?” “Eww! Where is it coming from?” “I’m gonna barf!” “Um, yeah, um, gross………um, yuck…….that’s so, um….ewww.” I tried my best to join in on the running commentary regarding the foul smell filling up my 3rd grade classroom a. Because it really did smell. b. Because the smell was [...]

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The Timelesness of Tea Parties

My best friend’s little girl had her birthday party this weekend. It was a princess-themed occasion, complete with a Rapunzel character (more on her later) and a tea party, with sparkling pink lemonade (because who actually drinks tea at these things?) served in tiny pink cups. Now, being a mother of two boys, one of [...]

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A Picture Worth the Pain it Brings

There is a photo that hangs in her bedroom tucked in a frame she bought when she still shopped at walmart It sits there against the calm of the forest green wall the color chosen by her husband a man willing to paint the walls hot pink if she so desires She walks by this photo [...]

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