No Pity Parties Please for My Son and His Special Needs Brother

He hasn’t heard the words yet but I have. “I feel so sorry for him,” they’ve said, right to my face, their tones casual, as if they’ve just announced their coffee is stale instead of making unsolicited assertions about the well-being of my youngest son Ian. He hasn’t seen the pity in their eyes, too [...]

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Somewhere In the Middle

That is where I am I don’t petition the governmentOr write threatening letters to drug companies I don’t tape record IEP meetings or have a panel of attorneys at my sideI don’t demand that the school district pay for horse therapy or expect hard working teachers to perform miracles I stay awake at night, counting [...]

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Between Brothers

It is a beautiful dance between them. I watch quietly and closely, willing my eyes not to blink in case I may miss a second of this magical moment. I feel my fears and anxieties melt into a shallow puddle beneath my bare feet, as superman looks deep into monchichi’s eyes and patiently waits for [...]

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