The Night Before

It’s the night before Andrew’s first day of school. For many years this night held a mixture of excitement and anxiety for me, and after his new outfit and shoes were laid out, and his lunch box was packed, and his backpack was filled with shiny new school supplies, I would lay wide away in bed, endless questions [...]

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I Drove Drunk Again.

I drove drunk again. I lie here, in my bed, trying to piece together the shattered details of an ordinary night gone straight to hell. I remember swerving. Closing one eye so I could focus on the blurry road in front of me. Did I hit something? Or worse, did I hit someone? I know [...]

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The Long Way is No Longer the Only Way

  Until last Sunday afternoon, I hadn’t driven on a freeway in six years. Now, if I lived in rural Iowa, this wouldn’t be a big deal, or very surprising. But I happen to be a Southern California resident and around these parts our freeways are not unlike the veins in our bodies; we rely [...]

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