There’s a letter out there

written by a mom of “NORMAL” children

to a mom raising a “retard”

and it’s

spreading like wildfire


Breaking hearts

in its wake

leaving a bitter aftertaste

mouths wide-open

while defeated heads shake

this letter


every autism parent’s worst nightmare


A neatly typed assertion:

someone’s baby isn’t worth the life he’s been given

A  plea to euthanize this obvious waste of space

(he’s RETARDED and a NUISANCE and not NORMAL)

LOTS of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case you didn’t think she was serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many are sharing it, making sure friends and family show proper disbelief

Some refuse, intent on erasing the words from existence, refusing to let them leave a mark


I read it

tried to ignore it

then went outside and

stood in the middle of my street

trying to see the world in front of me

trying to see the goodness, the light, all the bullshit I focus on when I write


But instead I started counting houses




wondering how many neighbors

would like to write a letter like that

to me








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8 Replies to “The Letter.”

  1. I have been on the receiving end of behaviour similar to this. It is cowardly. It is despicable. I am so glad that you wrote this!

  2. Someone just wrote me some horrible things about Franklin, and used retard, and defective, and broken to describe him, and it didn’t just break my heart but it iced my insides, I thought I had heard it all until last week, and the woman that told me that about Franklin I think is the same Cee U Next Tuesday that wrote “The Letter”, I pray there aren’t 2 that would do this. There are so few good people on the planet anymore. I fear for my boys when I’m gone.

  3. Listen gang! We are powerful. The communities that support us are powerful. This excuse for a person is going to regret ever having written that letter. She will find herself without support. People will cross the street just to avoid looking at her. Her children will be ashamed of her. She will have trouble sleeping at night. She will think “I’d gladly trade places with George Zimmerman.” Those that identified with her feelings will rethink their positions. I believe in the long run compassion and support will grow and the haters will become more isolated.
    Now start counting the houses of people that would be horrified bythat letter and fully support out families.

  4. For every evil person who would even THINK of writing such vile words, there are hundreds…thousands of friends and strangers who cheer on you parents who are raising kids with autism and other disabilities. I admire you all for your steadfast love and courage. Even if you don’t see me, or get a letter from me on your doorstep, I’m cheering you all on with love and support.

  5. Wow!!!!What a coward this woman is! Interesting she speaks of herself and the neighborhood yet does not actually identify herself. She must be a very miserable person, but I feel and sense she is evil. I have seen people full of hate, she is as well, but somehow I feel she is just too evil for words. I am sorry for the family that received this letter and I am sorry for any family to have to read it, especially for the families of differently abled children. How painful to hear this hate from what appears to be another mother.

  6. Some people are not worth the paper or emotions that it brings up. This “neighbor” is one of them. But what sucks is the fact that they do know where to get, a mother, father a sibling of someone who is autistic, a kick in the gut, hell even a “normal” child’s parent is effected by this letter by the coward who sent it to the family. What a waste of human being they are!!!!
    Jo, hugs to you and your family

  7. Ive never received hate mail like this EVER. I have gotten the “spank her so she doesn’t behave like that.” or “I would never bring my child outside if they behaved like that.”

    And I have been threatened that they will call the police because she was screaming at 1 in the afternoon.

    People will always complain about something but this person took it one million steps ahead.

    I really hope she does get charges filed for defamation, threats, inciting violence to a minor.

    Makes you wonder what kind of children she is bringing up.

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