Well, it’s finally happened folks.

I’ve lost my damn mind.

I know it’s been in the cards for a while now, but I never imagined that it would manifest itself in rainbow-colored baked goods.

But yet, here I am, making homemade Colorburst Cupcakes, for Andrew’s 10th birthday party, a feat which requires both skill and patience, neither of which I have in abundance by the way.

So, instead of ordering a half-sheet cake from Costco like a NORMAL person, I will be spending the next 8 hours dividing batter into six bowls, tinting the batter with just the right amount of coloring, and then layering it just precisely so, with the idea that it will resemble a baked rainbow when it comes out of the oven.

Then, tomorrow, when the kids don’t even NOTICE that the cupcakes are a rainbow and they don’t UNDERSTAND how much TIME and EFFORT and CUSS WORDS went into making them, I’m going to get all pissed off and take it out on my husband when the guests leave. And not in a good way.

These cupcakes? These mood swings? The pure organic Vanilla in my spice cupboard?

I blame it all on YOU, Pinterest.

Everything was going just great before you came along. YOU. You purveyor of all things homemade and crafty. I was perfectly happy being sub par, cooking bland chicken and using Zip Lock baggies to store rice, beans, and other dried goods. But now? Now I’ve got glass jars in my pantry and I’m ordering chalkboard contact paper so I can make adorable labels for them (and I’ll probably even write Rice and Beans in swirly handwriting and post photos of them so I can pin them to one of my boards while I cross my fingers that someone else will repin them!!!!)

That’s not even the worst of it, Pinterest.

You know what I’ve got in my fridge right now?


And you wanna know what else?

It’s DELICIOUS and really EASY TO MAKE, and way more HEALTHY for you than the store bought versions.

DAMMIT, Pinterest.

When I asked my husband to buy me those pretty stainless steel bowls for Christmas two years ago, I didn’t actually plan on USING them.

Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat and really let you have it, but I have to go.

Because these F$#%%ing Colorburst Cupcakes aren’t gonna bake themselves.

Yes. That's toilet paper in the background. Because I ran out of paper towels the other day. I wonder if Pinterest has a solution for that.....












HOLY $H%* you guys, I DID IT!










This must be what it feels like to do something amazing, like climb Mt. Everest or donate a kidney!

Gotta go! Just found an amazing cream cheese frosting.

Oh my God. Somebody STOP ME!

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11 Replies to “DAMMIT, Pinterest”

  1. My daughters 9th birthday party is coming up and I’m giving Pinterest a wide berth.

  2. Good girl. Pin and move on. Pin and move on. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me. All crafty and….CONSUMED.

  3. My husband comes home terrified of what I’ve whipped up for dinner. “Lime drenched chicken fajitas? What the hell?!”

  4. Lime drenched chicken fajitas sounds awesome! 🙂

    I pin fanatically, but other than a few recipes, don’t ever do anything with all those clever crafty posts. They “pinspiration”, but I know lazy me will never get to it.

    This was a hilarious post!

  5. Loved this post!! I haven’t tried to make the cupcakes yet but a friend of mine has done it a couple of times and she suggested to put the batter into separate ziplock bags and mix color that way. Then you clip a corner at the bottom and squeeze the batter into the cupcake mold. I thought that was a great idea since I HATE washing all those bowls, no dishwasher.

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