Did you hear about the douchebag who molested an 11-year-old special needs student in Phoenix, Arizona?


Andres Mendoza, a 70 year special needs assistant with the Washington Elementary School District was arrested on charges of molesting the young girl on the school bus.


Mendoza, who has been employed by the school district since 2004, was being investigated by law enforcement after a school bus driver noticed him fondling the young girl. Surveillance footage showed the man groping the 11-year-old over and under her shirt as well as under her pants. Footage on the videos also indicates that the man has been molesting the student since at least June 27th while other children were present on the bus.


When asked about the incidents, Mendoza admitted to fondling the young girl and said that he was “just playing around.”


Police have booked him on charges of child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor.


I’m not even going to get into how much this story plays into the fears I have for my own helpless, non-verbal, special needs child because if I do I just might throw up (of course, ALL children are helpless at the hands of a monster like Mendoza).


But this guy is just the scum of the earth as far as I’m concerned, and as a result, he should be hog tied, perched atop a bullet ant nest, and slowly stung to death, starting with a certain body part.


Oh wait.


That would be if I were in charge of overseeing that justice was served.


Because you know this wasn’t his first victim.


But I’d sure as heck make sure it was his last.



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