So there were two studies released on Monday, July 4th, 2011 regarding Autism, genetics, and environmental factors. Both studies claim that environmental factors should not be ruled out when it comes to determining the causes of Autism.



Honestly? I don’t think we should be ruling anything out at this point.

Especially when it comes to unearthing the truth about what is causing this horrific Epidemic.

Yep. I used uppercase.

Because I mean business.

And because what’s happening to our kids is nothing short of Tragic and Disgusting and it NEEDS TO STOP.

You know what I think about when I see a pregnant woman now?  I think  about her odds of having a child with autism. I don’t think about baby showers or childbirth classes. I think “God, I hope I never have to see you at a support group meeting.” It’s hard to look at her protruding belly and not do some sort of “Please don’t end up with Autism cause it really sucks” dance.

(And yes, if there was a dance that would protect kids from the fiery pits of hell that is Autism, I would be shaking my @ss every chance I got).

We are in the midst of a total $hitstorm, and if history has taught us anything, it’s gonna get way worse before it gets better.

Also? Never say never.

Now, I realize that this subject is  a minefield and rarely do I put my two cents in.

Not because I don’t have opinions on the matter (anyone that knows me in real life knows this) but because I’m freaking tired.

I’m not gonna lie. I. Am. TIRED.

And truthfully, I’d rather not use what little energy I have leftover after a long day of parenting my two kids  getting into a pissing contest about what I think is causing our precious children to be held hostage by their bodies.

I know my limitations, and one of the biggest ones is spreading myself too thin.

I’ve been down that road before. It’s called Merlot.

So while I definitely have my opinions on these studies, the one thing I’m sure of is that by the time “they” figure out what the hell is happening to our babies, my baby is going to be a grown man.

So while I’m happy to hear that a bunch of scientists are taking their sweet @ss time trying to convince themselves of what most of us already know, I’m going to go ahead and hold off on the parade for now.


Someone call me when they find the f-in cure.


*Hey. I get to rant every once in a while. Especially during the first week of the month. I’ll probably calm down by tomorrow. But maybe not. So check back then to see if things are a little less “Someone get this lunatic a freakin Midol and some carbs stat!” and more “Oh! Look at the tiny kitten frolicking in the field in slow motion.”


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13 Replies to “Autism Studies Reveal a Bunch of Crap Most of Us Already Knew”

  1. Amen!

    Scientists need to give us something new, other than “living close to the freeways” “not taking prenatals for many years before getting pregnant” “drinking tap water” and “looking at porn mags” <— j/k on that one. lol. Seriously, this one out of 110 children being diagnosed with Autism everyday needs to be stopped!

  2. Jo, I so agree. Having just dealt with a Class 1 meltdown because I wouldn’t let my daughter tell me what happened with her brother (after I had already dealt with it, and the consequences…I am DONE. I love my kids, more than my life.


    If not one more parent had to deal with the aftermath, I would be so happy. Mine are high-functioning, and it is still so. freaking. hard.

  3. Ditto, I’m tired too!

    Be sure to pass the good word if a cure is ever discovered as I too am way too busy to check frequently…


  4. My heart goes out to each and every mother who has a child (or children) with Autism. I cannot imagine just how difficult each day must be.

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