My neighbor has cancer

And while I am being awakened to a brand new day

by a son that is too loud

too dependent

too much sometimes

she is being awakened

by the pain that wracks her body

the fears that course through her veins

the thought that mornings like these may be numbered

and as I exhale in frustration

she inhales in the promise of RIGHT NOW

and clings

to what little hope she has left


My neighbor has cancer.

And while I sit at home,

and contemplate whether or not to dry my hair

whether to even bother

because the dishes don’t care

the swiffer doesn’t care

an empty house full of demands doesn’t care

she tries to run her fingers

through her mane


there is nothing there


the way her dirty blond hair

used to feel against her neck

wishing she had the choice


My neighbor has cancer

and while I look at the piles of laundry scattered throughout the house

and curse under my breath at the shoes in the hallway

and wish that I could get some RESPECT around here once in a while

she struggles to sit

wonders is she can stand

wishes she could make


for her daughter

wishes she could make


for her husband

wishes she could just cook everyone a nice simple meal



My neighbor has cancer

and as I speed past her house

late again for school

blaming the clock

blaming my son

blaming the UNIVERSE

she has only one place to be

and she will not be late

not today

not tomorrow

not until they tell her

she doesn’t have to come back



My neighbor has cancer

and I think I need to just sit here

and think about that

for a little while








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2 Replies to “My Neighbor Has Cancer”

  1. And that my dear is ultimately why I love you…. so thoughtful and introspective.

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