“The best sport in the whole world is baseball.

It’s my second best thing to do in the whole world.

I love the white ball with red stitches.

I love the smell of fresh grass and the taste of blue Gatorade.

I can hear the people cheering

and I love the feel of my brown leather glove.

It feels good.

I love baseball so much.”


His first love.

My first time realizing I may have given birth to a fellow writer.




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7 Replies to “His First Love”

  1. Adorable.

    I am in love with my 3 boys, and I don’t care how many people say crushing on them is unhealthy.

    They are my fave people on the planet.

  2. OMG!! Swoooooon away momma! I’d be proud as punch if I were you too!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that brilliant little mind. So sweet!!

  3. aren’t they awesome?! I am such a better person for having become the mom of my two boys. They are amazing teachers, if we stop talking at them long enough to listen and learn.

  4. Thank you my dear friend! Isn’t being a mommy the best job in the whole world??!

  5. Amazing! I haven’t played baseball since I was 13 but reading that poem fired off some neurons that brought the smell of the grass and the feel of my old leather glove right back. Man, that kid has a way with words!

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