My mom really wanted a nice picture of her and the boys.  And wouldn’t take NO for an answer.


Mom's computer Spring 2011 074

Trying to get Andrew to look at the camera.

Mom's computer Spring 2011 076

Except for Ian, no one really looks very thrilled.  Or photogenic.

Mom's computer Spring 2011 077 

Mauling him seems like the logical next step

Mom's computer Spring 2011 078

Oh Andrew.  I know how you feel buddy.

 Mom's computer Spring 2011 081

Choking your grandson is a perfectly acceptable method of getting him to take a picture with you.

Mom's computer Spring 2011 067

Grandma’s gone.  Cheese!

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3 Replies to “Photo Op”

  1. I love the choking pic. You should frame it. Nice grip on your son's pants. Was she trying to hold his pants up?

  2. That being said, doesn't it break your heart a little when you see the grandparent trying to connect but at that moment your child just ain't having it?

    My daughter is constantly saying my moms name, but when she visits, she keeps to herself. Yesterday after ignoring her grandma all day, Lauren ran out the house to give my mom a kiss as she was leaving. My mom left with the biggest smile on her face. I guess moments like that make up for those missed connections.

  3. That was hysterical! The boys are so much more grown up than the last time I saw them. I'm sharing this one!

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