Every Monday Ian’s teacher (who is a dear friend and who I absolutely adore) emails the parents the spelling words the kids must practice that week.  I don’t make a huge fuss about it, partly because Ian is brilliant and really doesn’t need the practice, but mostly because I’m too damn lazy and don’t wanna. 

We were gathered at the dinner table tonight, Mikey, the boys, and meandmylaptop, when I noticed that Ian’s new words for the week had just arrived; feeling pressured by society to “parent” my child, I printed them out and announced in my least “this sucks” voice that we would be reviewing them together.

The first few words seemed benign enough:  steam, thread, tried, else….

and then I began to notice a somewhat disturbing theme:








Um, either Mrs. M is having a super duper bad week or, rather than the more traditional “Spring is Here” theme, has chosen Stephen King for her next unit.

Either way, I’ll be paying closer attention to his curriculum from now on; partly out of curiosity, but mostly to gather evidence for the authorities.

Also, If anyone is interested, I am suddenly too petrified busy to continue in my role as room mom.

Also, would it be inappropriate to include a restraining order in her Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket?



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3 Replies to “Spelling Can Be Hazardous to Your Health”

  1. whoah…that's a bit creepy…maybe she needs a Rorschach test, followed by a psych hold?

  2. haha!
    she's actually an amazing teacher, level-headed and cool as they come, which is why I just HAD to make fun of her!

  3. ha ha ha! Just wait till next year, then you find out that she is the normal one.

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