“Hi honey.  How was your day?”

“Oh man.  It was brutal.”

“Really?  I’m so sorry to hear that.  Tell me all about it.”

“Well, it started off okay, until I was notified that someone was trying to take over part of my account.”

“Oh no!”

“Yeah.  The guy tried to recruit some of my guys and was trying to buy them for loads of money. It was so stressful, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to reconcile my account and resolve this mess!”

“What did you do?”

“I spent the money to get them back.  It was an expensive move, but well worth it.  Except he came after me again!  Dude. This guy was trying to wipe me out! I ended up talking to someone about it and they contacted the Admin for my group; he got back to me pretty quickly and we went over the details of what had been going down.  He told me that what the guy was doing was illegal and made him apologize; basically banned him from having anymore contact with me. ” 

“Wow!  Good for you honey!  Sounds like you were able to resolve things!”

“It was so intense babe.  I kept getting updates the rest of the day from other people who had experienced similiar issues with guys like this and they gave me some pretty great ideas on how to better protect my allies and my Kingdom in the future.

“Well, that’s terrific.  Ha! You just said Kingdom on accident.  You must be working too hard.”

“No, I meant to say it.  Why, what did you think I was talking about?”

“Um, work?”

“Work?  No. Work was fine.”

“Well then what the hell have you been talking about this entire time?”

“My game. On my iphone. You know, Kingdoms at War.”

I can’t wait for date night.

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2 Replies to “A Discussion Over Dinner”

  1. Boys and their silly little games…. I thought he was a broker of some sorts, all high stakes and what not.

  2. you are so funny….wish you had the time to wrte EVERY day! hope your boys well! Shellie in Ohio

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