We’ve had a heck of a time getting Andrew to brush his teeth lately.

And given the fact that his two front teeth have a combined surface area equivalent to a regulation football field, most things within a three mile radius find their way onto his chompers and we’re forced to brush. Often.

A few months ago he began to freak the hell out every time we mentioned it was time to go brush his teeth.  We tried new toothpaste, a colorful array of toothbrushes, and clever little songs to help him stay focused, motivated, and off the ceiling.

Nothing seemed to help and it became a three man job:  One to lure him into the hallway, one to nab him once he came out, and all three to heave him into the bathroom, pry open his mouth, and scrub the bejeezus out of those humongous teeth.

Then one day, I came upon his schedule, a new one that his lovely therapist made about the same time “let’s brush our teeth” turned a lovely afternoon into a spastic bloodbath. And on this new schedule were new PECS cards that help Andrew with his vocabulary.  And one of the new PECS cards was for brushing teeth. 

And this is what it looked like:

andrew brush teeth pecs  

What. The. Hell. Is. That?

Good God, no wonder he’s petrified of brushing his teeth. 

First of all, is that supposed to resemble a head?!  Where are the eyes?!  And the nose?!  And why are all the teeth one size?!

This is supposed to help him understand the world better?!

After seeing this, I’m too scared to brush my teeth tonight.



I wonder if they make one for housework?

Or paying the bills?

Or eating leftovers?


Yep.  Some pictures are worth a thousand words.

And this one starts with WTF.


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5 Replies to “Brush Front”

  1. Have you tried creating a social story for him? When Lauren had an aversion to clothing and shoes years ago, that really helped us.

    As always, thanks for making me smile.

  2. That image sure is weird, even weird enough for me to handle. No wonder Andrew's getting scared on getting his teeth brushed. A proper example that is kid-friendly is the best way on getting him motivated when it's time to brush. I once brought my little brother to the Myrtle Beach dentist to give him a feel that they aren't scary. With my power of persuasion and the cool approach of the Myrtle Beach dentists, I easily accompanied him when he's going for a check-up, while I was having my root canal.

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