If you haven’t heard by now, (and you may not have, since I’m not really famous enough yet to be featured on any sort of breaking news type announcement)  I’m the newest addition to an awesome group of bloggers over at OCFamily.com.   When you’re done reading this post, come check me out over there, then stay awhile and browse through the other great blogs written by some pretty cool folks. 

So the OC Family bloggers were invited to partake in Tanaka Farms’ Cookout Tour this past Sunday, and because I make it a point to attend anything that has the term cookout in it, I graciously accepted the invite and dragged suggested to my family that they come along.

Below is a recap, for your viewing pleasure. 

And suffice it to say, we ate enough veggies to ensure digestive regularity for months to come.  Aren’t you glad I tell you everything?


Tanaka Farms 1

Orange County Bloggers sure know how to reproduce.

Tanaka Farms 3 

Spouses of bloggers must be ready and willing to engage in various extracurricular activities at a moment’s notice.  Even farming.  Notice the crossed arms and defeated grin.  This indicates that the spouse knows he doesn’t stand a chance in hell in getting out of this, or anything else his gorgeous blogging wife suggests for that matter.

Tanaka Farms 4

Um.  He. Was. In. Heaven.

Tanaka Farms 5

Okay.  Whose child is this and what have you done with my Nutella-on-Hawaiian-Sweet-Bread-For-Lunch-Everyday-Son?

Tanaka Farms 6

Monchichi loved harvesting the celery and ate it straight out of the ground.  So apparently, in order to get my kiddos to eat their veggies, all I have to do is secure several hundred acres of land, plant a bunch of crap, drive around in a giant rusty tractor, and use my sons for cheap labor.  Easy enough.

Tanaka Farms 2 

This is us.  Before we knew we were going to be walking uphill and eating swiss chard.  (the cutie pie on the far right is not a secret child I’ve kept hidden in the basement, mainly because we live in Southern California and if I were going to hide her anywhere it would most likely be in the three car garage, but her name is Olivia and she’s totally legit; she’s actually the boys’ cousin visiting from Ireland).

tanaka farms 7 

If you’re smart like me and slather SPF on everyone but yourself because you forget and then you spend the day on a farm in the unforgiving California sun, you too can end up with a new skin color fondly dubbed crimson (otherwise known as “#$%$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

tanaka farms 8

I was beginning to panic that we were in the middle of nowhere and really starting to miss civilization when my husband, somewhat smugly I might add, pointed out that we were less than 50 yards from the nearest Starbucks.  Whatever.  It felt rural to me.


Aside from my horrendous sunburn, which was clearly operator error, we had a wonderful day, and I can assure you that the next time I’m at the grocery store, loading the cart with fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, I’ll be thinking about all of the hard work that goes into producing them; and be damned glad I’m a blogger, and not a farmer.


*Tanaka Farms graciously offered me the opportunity to participate in their Cookout Tour but I was not asked to review or write about this experience. I did it because I felt like it, okay?

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2 Replies to “Old Macdonald Had a Farm, and On That Farm He Had a Bunch of Orange County Bloggers”

  1. This was so hysterical to me. Mainly because I LIVED IT WITH YOU.

    And your hubby? So funny, and charming and a hellava farmer too.

    Great to see you. But next time, lets meet at a MALL.


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