Have you ever
been absorbed
in something

like laundry
piled high

mismatched socks
impatiently awaiting
your undivided attention

when something tells you
to turn your head
because Life is Happening

and you catch a glimpse of it
and your heart begins to flutter
and you feel tingly and alive
and every part of your being
from your toes to your very soul
are basking in the glow of this very fleeting
completely unrehearsed
absolutely perfect


It was sorta like that.

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3 Replies to “Five Seconds of Perfection”

  1. Congrats on the photo and the moment. I've had a couple of those now, and they are sooo precious to me. Love it!!
    And love your blog…sometimes I think you have my kid 😉

  2. What a lovely poem/thought. I need to slow down and be there more.

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