7:05 a.m.
“Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Guess what?  So I was on the playground and then Benny came up and he wanted to show me this bug he caught by the tree, you know, the tree in the corner with the big green leaves, and so he showed me the bug and I was like ‘eww, that is one giant bug’ and he was like ‘ya, we should put it on Veronica’s desk’ but I told him that wouldn’t be nice and then Guess What I was running past the swings and I tripped over the wood chips and I landed on my butt!! hahahahah! but then I got up and I was okay and I went back to the slide because duh, that’s where David was and we played Monster Tag but only for like five minutes because it got really really really boring but then Guess What Ms. Smith brought the rats out from the classroom and they were taking a nap in her arms and then GUESS WHAT one of them peed right on her hands can you even believe it?! but she wasn’t mad and she used a wipe and wiped her arm and we laughed and then my teacher called us in back to class but Guess What we had to go the looooooong way because Erma was the line leader and she made us walk all the way around the buildings instead of just going the regular way which is by the drinking fountain which everyone knows is the fastest way there but Guess What we got back to class and then we cleaned our desks and then it was time to go home and tomorrow we’re going to start studying Ladybug larvae.”
7:05:52 a.m.

Does anyone know if Calgon has been discontinued or something, because I keep calling it to take me away, but it’s not working.

I hate false advertising.

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  1. The following happened on May 29th 2009. Paraphrased words by a woman age 29.

    "So Suzy did you hear? Like yeah did you hear about what happened on the weekend? I was like woah! Let me tell you ok? Ok? Suzy? Suzy ok? Ok, so I was driving like on the freeway and this thing fell off the top of a carand I was like oh no but then it was woah it hit me you know? I guess they no strap it down cuz it was like heavy enough so they no starp it down. I think it surfboard or something. Anyway. Suzy? Suzy! So yeah it was like boom and I was like ohh. It could have come through windshield Suzy. It could killed me you know. You know on the freeway sacary you know with big objects."

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