Superman:  fart……….spit up………………poop……………..”waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Friend:  fart………….belch…………………….spit up…………”waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Superman:  “mama, up, uh oh”
Friend:  “mama, down, bye-bye”
Superman:  “Wheeeeee!  Down the slide we go!”
Friend:  “Try to catch me! Hee Hee Hee!” 
Superman:  “My tricycle is faster than your tricycle!”
Friend:  “I’m telling!”
Superman:  “Okay, I’ll be the blue Power Ranger, and you can be the red one.”
Friend:  “Okay, but I’m gonna wear the Red Power Ranger costume with your Darth Vader cape!”
Superman: “Let’s play Monster Tag but everyone has lightsabers and the bad guys come out of the bushes but the good guys defeat them and win!”
Friend:  “Okay, but the lightsabers are made out of fire and the good guys have special powers that they can only use if the bad guys sneak up on them from the top of Doom Mountain.”
Superman:  “The wrath of hell has decsended upon you.  Look I just killed you!  You’re dead dude!  Dude, check it out, your blood is splattered everywhere!  Wait, how did you just make your guy chop off my head?  You just totally killed me.  You’ve gotta show me that move dude.  Here comes DarkDevilSpawnHellRaiser with his double-blade killing machine….wow, he just totally made you DIE!  You are DEAD!!  That. Is. So. Cool!”
Friend:  “Dude, I’m so over this game, there’s like not enough Death and Killing and Blood.  Let’s put the other one on, the one with the guy that comes out and eats baby kittens and skins baby polar bears while he shoots those people in the head and makes the blood gush out all over the place and then the car crashes into the church and sets it on fire and everyone is screaming and bleeding and then he shoots death lasers from his eyeballs and everyone EXPLODES!”
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