He tells her she looks beautiful
She blushes, though she’s heard this from him before

He lays his hand on her lap in the car
She feels the warmth penetrate through her bones

He holds the door open for her
She feels like a million bucks

He winces as she reads the nutritional information from the menu
She changes her mind and orders something less likely to cause a coronary

He listens intently
She tells him how much he means to her

He drinks his goblet of Heffeweizen
She sips her soothing Earl Grey

He marvels that she has not mentioned the kids in hours
She giggles because it feels good (though she feels a slight pang of guilt.  She is a mother, after all)

He inspires her inbetween mouthfuls
She is surprised that she will leave with leftovers

He stares at this woman who is his wife
She stares at this man who is her best friend

They walk back towards their messy, loud, often challenging life
prepared for
the onslaught of hugs and sloppy kisses
waiting for them on the other side of the door

They glance at one another
indulge in one more private kiss
and uninterrupted”iloveyou”
holding hands
as they cross the threshold
back into
the life
their love


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