I shushed you in the hallway this morning
and hissed “shut up” as you opened your mouth
because Superman was sleeping off a high fever and you were being loud

so you whispered “Happy Anniversary” and I felt like the world’s biggest ass
and the luckiest girl in the whole wide world
all in the same breath
while we giggled and you winked because once again, you beat me to it

Yesterday, someone asked me who I fantasized about
and i didn’t have to close my eyes
to picture you coming home in your button down dress shirt
a fresh splash of cologne on the side of your neck
pulling me in for the kind of hug that melts me into you
and when I said your name my girlfriends rolled their eyes and tried to peer pressure me into changing my mind
but I won’t
because baby
you’ve still got it

We survive
we thrive
You Are My Best Friend
and you have taught me how to
admit defeat

You nudge me through doorways
and prefer i use less makeup
I am the prettiest girl in the room
and you are a happy man
because I am yours

You still give me butterflies
with that smile
and the way you love our babies
planning a great big future for the four of us

building our dream
one compromise at a time
one embrace at a time
one iforgiveyou at a time

eight years
so much better
and bigger
than I could have
as you tasted
my watermelon lip gloss
and my knees went weak

For the patience
the forgiveness
the strength
the inspiration
the laughter
the arguments
the partnership
the passion

I am so grateful

so thankful for your love
so honored to have you standing next to me in this life

I love you,
my evolutionary bastard

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2 Replies to “8. But Whose Counting?”

  1. Lucky, lucky you!
    Many women dream and hope for a man and a relationship like yours.
    I am totally sickened and jealous. thanks.


  2. Just want to say hello. 'Nic Ras' is my sister in law, she shared your blog with me. You're a beautiful writer. Happy Anniversary!

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