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October 31st, 2009 – Orange County, California

Authorities have yet to comment on the last two days’ events, keeping details of local attacks on an innocent woman quiet for now.  Due to the sensitive and graphic nature of the crimes, local law enforcement is handling this as a high profile case.

The victim was enjoying festivites relating to the upcoming Halloween holiday when she was suddenly, without warning, attacked by her own husband in the middle of a busy intersection in Old Town Orange.  Formal domestic abuse charges have yet to be filed.

The next day, while participating in holiday festivites in her classroom, the same woman was brutally attacked by a co-worker whom she considered a close friend.  Police are baffled by these heinous crimes which targeted the same woman twice in two days and are closely investigating a motive.

Local news agencies have acquired two leaked photos which we have included below.  Please be warned that they are graphic and violent in nature and children should not be present while viewing this disturbing evidence.

Victim’s husband inexplicably turning on victim in broad daylight.

Victim’s friend, a mild-tempered fourth-grade teacher with a heart of gold, attacks victim in the middle of her classroom.

Victims and suspects could not be reached for comment. 

Further details pending.

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3 Replies to “Violence Rampant in Orange County; Local Woman Attacked by Loved Ones.”

  1. OMG – I love it – you always have the most creative costume! Too cute :-)) Happy Halloween!

  2. You DID NOT go as a Pinata for Halloween? No way?? That is the most hilarious costume ever!!!!!
    Were you able to sit down? Bend over? What was going to the bathroom like?

    Hhahahhahaha, I am just dying at the joy of the costume!

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