Nola is lost.

She is our one year old cat.  Grey and white, with a crooked tail, we adopted her last fall when our first family cat, Lulu, disappeared one windy day.

Now we are reliving the nightmare.  Superman still cries for Lulu when he is exhausted or run down.  His defenses gone, he misses the first important thing in his life that he ever lost.  And here we are again, facing a situation that is heartbreaking and crappy, to say the least.

A fellow catholic at work suggested I find a statue of St. Anthony and turn him upside down, and possibly consider sticking him in the freezer, just to let him know I mean business and to find our freakin cat ASAP. 

If you are not catholic, this may sound odd but we are in the midst of a pet crisis, so please don’t judge me.
If you are catholic, this may sound odd, and I know for a fact that you will judge me, but then you’ll feel guilty for doing so and add our cat onto your daily rosary and/or prayer list.

so be it.

I have purused, with one eye closed, the deceased section of our local animal shelter, as well as the lost and found.  If she’s gone for good, I just want to know.  Waiting for her to appear at the door is….once again, crappy.

I managed to keep my childhood cat alive and well for almost 15 years in this very same neighborhood.  Now we’ve had two go missing in one year. 

What.  The.  Hell.

kitty prayers are appreciated.
and don’t say anything to Superman.
We’re still trying to figure that whole deal out.

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2 Replies to “DAMMIT”

  1. I don't know how you manage to take such a crappy situation and make me giggle (and then make me feel guilty for it).

    That really stinks about your kitties. There are no weirdo cat-sacrificing cults that have moved into your neighborhood, are there?

    If you get another one you should look into a kitty gps tag you can have implanted.. it would be worth it just so your little ones don't have to go through this again. Poor guys.

  2. aaw so sorry – but it is true about St. Anthony….
    St Anthony, St. Anthony
    Please look around
    Something is lost
    and must be found!

    Good luck – keep us blog followers posted!

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