Personal growth and valuable life lessons can come from some unlikely places.
And come in unpredictable packages.

Like a thirty minute personal phone call from someone who has caused you great grief and anger over the course of several weeks.

Someone who you thought was a source of negativity, who you felt was out to bad mouth something very special in your life.

And this someone felt the tension that was rising between the two of you. So she chose to make a phone call and set the record straight.

And your EGO had to get in the backseat for a while, which gave you a chance to be a good listener and stop making everything about you for five seconds.

Not easy, I might add.

And once EGO was out of the way, you really heard what this person was saying and you began to value the honesty with which they spoke and the integrity it took to make this phone call and the insight that they showed when they said “you have to grow a thicker skin.”

Because your skin is freakin translucent.

And as this person is speaking you have a half dozen epiphanies about what it means to be a grown up and a professional and a friend and a human being just trying to sort it all out and do a decent job.

And you find yourself thanking this person, that has been challenging you, because you finally see the challenge as an opportunity to grow and better yourself and contribute to the community you love so dearly.

You come to a very poignant realization that anything else is just status quo and she says you have far too much potential for that.
(And that’s when EGO snickers from the backseat because she gave you a side note compliment).

You feel envigorated by the conversation, and feel a twinge of guilt for all of those faces you’ve been making everytime her name is mentioned in conversation.

And you feel a sense of calm and gratitude that you have been given a chance to learn something new today and after all isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

So you say goodnight and hang up the phone and watch as EGO makes its way towards the living room, eager to share your encounter with anyone willing to listen.

Because it’s no fun to learn something new, if you can’t brag about it a little.

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  1. I am always so surprised when I find out I was completely wrong about a situation. But it is so wonderful to be wrong sometimes. 🙂

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