When you are leaving a restroom after a side by side stall conversation with a coworker:
“Hope everything comes out okay” or “Good Luck” or “I Win!”

When you are handing your kindergarten students back over to their parents:
“Hail Mary, Full of Grace, Lord Have Mercy.” or “ Thank God! It’s about time!”

When your wife is shoving Hershey Kisses down her throat at the approximate speed of light:
“Honey, are you sure you want to eat that?”

When you have to run home because you have Autism Parent Training:
“I have to hurry; my therapist is waiting for me.”
(This is especially true of conversations with the aforementioned families of your students)

When your husband comes home from work:
“Honey, I went to Target today. Do you want to see the receipt?!”

When your son wants to play with a child you don’t approve of:
“No, honey, Billy is a brat and his parents are obviously doing a bad job raising him.” “In fact, I’m pretty sure his mom is a practicing alcoholic and is having an affair with Brad’s dad.”

When you are offered a leadership position on a committee at work:

*Because I’m pretty sure I will have more examples along the way………

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