Hot coffee gulped in-between morning chores: Check

Half-assed makeup application: Check

A million kisses before sending Monchichi to school on the bus: Check

Asking Superman to “PUH-lease go and put YOUR sweater and shoes on ALREADY!”: Check

Conveyor belt style lunch assembling for four: Check

Wolfing down fairly healthy breakfast in 2.3 seconds flat: Check

Giving Superman super scary stare because you mean business: Check

Obligatory-rainy-day-indoor-kindergarten-class-teacher-headache: Check


Delicious elementary meeting potluck (highlight of the day): Check

Worrying about Monchichi: Check

Worrying about Superman: Check

Playing hooky from Children’s Lit class (Shut Up): Check

Daily after school sugar rush by way of whipped cream straight from the can: Check

Daily promise to quit uber-bad habit of squirting whipped cream straight into mouth: Check

After-school whine-fest alternating between Superman and Monchichi: Check

50 loads of laundry waiting for a chance to smell clean at some point in this century: Check

Weight loss reminder from mommy dearest: Check

Video game babysitting so I can blog: Check

Handsome husband coming home: Check

Tired, happy, ready to do it again tomorrow mommy: Check

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