Monchichi makes sure that we exercise our family motto of “just roll with it” on a daily basis. If it’s not the growing collection of mystery cans strewn about the house, it’s the pile of half-consumed water bottles he keeps adding to each day. It’s kind of sad really; like a little cemetery for plastic that has caught monchichi’s eye and met its doom.

Currently we are on a major snowman fix. It’s a blessed curse though. His passion for the little man with the button nose ensures that we have a highly desired item that we use for reinforcement. Our mostly non-verbal son even tries to pronounce it: ‘Snowm”

The problem? Hello! We live in “Never Snows a Day EVER Sunny California.” Usually, like when I am at the beach in October, I am very grateful for our location on the map. But unless we are willing to (which we are NOT) relocate to Big Bear Lake for the duration of winter, monchichi’s exposure to snowmen is somewhat limited to pictures, cartoons, and Christmas ornaments.

Until I bought this:

Which he loves.
A lot.

It runs on electricity and a tiny little fan, so it never melts.


Not at breakfast.
Not during movies.
Not at night.

Let’s just say my OCD is taking a beating because I am not good at tolerating large, inflatable Snowmen in random corners of the house. But I am learning. For monchichi’s sake.

Call it exposure therapy.

It’s either that, or a trip to somewhere (*shudder*) cold.

Plus, I can decorate Mr. Snowman for different holidays. He will be covered in hearts next month, wearing a green hat for St. Patty’s, and I’m already brainstorming his Halloween costume for this year.

Because I have a feeling he will be sticking around.

And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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2 Replies to “The Snowman that Won’t Melt”

  1. You are more than welcome to come over to Ohio where it is below 20 degrees right now. We have so much snow! What I wouldn’t give for some of your sunshine and warmth right now. It is so cold that you can NEVER warm up. I swear I am wearing TWO sweaters right now. I am not sure I will be able to look at snowmen and not think of your blog and this post.

  2. It is about 18 degree. When I reread my comment, it sounds like it is 20 degrees below 0. At least it isn’t THAT cold!

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