One highlighted blonde, in a red, curve hugging sweater, drinking the evening away with her boss, who happens to be dating the owner of the sports bar they are in.

One hot twenty-something guy, facial hair in all the right places, sitting two tables over with some rowdy friends.

One jukebox, playing Prince, much to the dismay of the Hot Guy. The girl with the highlights doesn’t care.

One lengthy debate between Blonde Girl and rowdy friends about religion.

One nosy Hot Guy who decides to invite himself into the discussion and begins to express his views on the matter. Blonde girl is at once intrigued and annoyed.

Two pitchers and one hour later, a feisty game of pool.

A dash of flirty name-calling.

A smidge of watermelon flavored lip gloss.

A heaping serving of mutual attraction.

One passionate kiss.

One promised phone call.

One date that lasts two weeks.

Add love-stricken Roman Catholic Blonde who forsakes all that she has been brought up with and moves in with Hot Guy.

Bring to a boil two Polish Parents who are not very happy. Not at all. NOT AT ALL.

Mix in months of pleading and proving them wrong.

Sprinkle in a sweet and unexpected surprise.

Quickly add one Civil Ceremony in a cheesy Long Beach, California Notary Office. Blonde girl has never been happier (though by now she has returned to her natural brunette. Well, almost natural).

Gently fold in one excruciating morning, one of the happiest and most painful of her life.

Prepare a large, expensive, Roman Catholic wedding. Polish parents can show themselves in public again.

Add another positive pee stick.

Stir in massive amounts of love, patience, laughter, tears, hugs, and kisses.

Marvel at the finished product.

A perfect family.

Against all odds.

*(I would have loved to put in a beautiful and recent FAMILY portrait, but I COULDN’T FIND ONE!!!! Off we go!)
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