I don’t know why, but at some point during mass this morning, I began to compare and contrast bad words in my two fluent languages: Polish and English. I know. I am sure God was super proud of me as I half listened to the the woman on the altar lecturing about Stewardship, while the other half of my brain was going through some very elaborate and offensive phrases and words in both languages.

Just another day in my head folks.

So, I wanted to share my findings with you.

Polish people, including myself, are crazy.

I am sure this is news to you.

We have the weirdest ways of expressing our anger and frustrations. Since my parents and family have used these phrases throughout my life, they are common place and not much thought is put into their true meanings. But upon careful examination, it is quite apparent that whoever was in charge of the cussing part of our language had a little too much vodka to drink.

My sister, who shares my passion for directly translating anything Polish into English was my consultant in this matter. Below are just a few of our favorite phrases. Enjoy. And please do not try to pronounce these at home.

You might get hurt.

Here goes:

Sraly Muchy, Bedzie Wiosna: “The flies have sh@#, Spring will come.

Cholera: Literally, the illness of Cholera. It’s like saying, “Oh, Beubonic Plague! Where did I put my keys?”

Psia Krew: “Dog’s Blood”

Szlak Trafi: “May the stencil strike you”

Niech cie swinia powocha: “May a pig sniff you.”

Niech cie Kaczka kopnie: “May a duck kick you.”
(Notice the animal theme here).

Zesraj sie: “Oh, sh@# yourself!”

So there is just a sliver of the naughty part of our culture.

Hey, we all get mad now and again. It’s nice to have bilingual options.

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3 Replies to “$*&)$#%#$!”

  1. I have a polish friend. Wouldn’t she just die if threw out a cholera comment next time I drop something? It is probably the only one I will be able to remember.

  2. kurcze blade – ale ty jestez dobra. to samo robie – ale probuje nie w kosciele LMAO – kocham cie – teskne za toba! Buzki mocne!

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