So last night the boys and I were cuddling in bed (a favorite pastime of ours).

The darling husband asked me to put Speed Racer into the dvd player. I told him I was sooooo tired and asked if he could do it instead.

The husband walked out of the bedroom to check on something.

Superman whispered “You better do it mommy, because he’s the daddy and he told you to put the movie in.”

I turned to Superman and slowly asked, “Do you think that daddy is in charge of mommy?”

Superman pondered for a few seconds…….”No mommy. I think you are in charge of Daddy.”

I smothered Superman with a zillion kisses and pronounced him a genius.

Darling Husband walked into the bedroom and Superman and I giggled hysterically.

And yes. I did end up explaining to my very brilliant, yet very literal five year old that no one is in charge. “Mommy and Daddy are a team” I told him. We work together.


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