We departed our bustling world of Orange County on Tuesday night, taking the red eye to Cleveland, Ohio (Hello OHmommy!). We boarded an express jet and flew into Albany and picked up our comfy and clean rental car. We drove two hours south and found ourselves in Keesville, NY. We were in the middle of nowhere.

And so far, WE LOVE IT.

My mother in law has a huge property and lots of grass and trees and well, I mean, Nature is everywhere around here! Where are the freeways? Who cares! Where is the mall? Who cares! Where is the Target…………….um, right, who cares!

Monchichi, who is addicted to tractors, has his own John Deere in the backyard. A real one! So far he’s been on it 1,345,879 times and still counting!

The air is clean and fresh and we had thunderstorms yesterday. Rain! The porch door was open and the breeze and the smell were amazing. There is no smog. There are no Escalades. There are very few Jonese’s to try and keep up with. It is glorious.

Last summer we traveled much farther, to europe. We had four suitcases stuffed to the brim, our first overseas trip as a family. We had high expectations and they were more than met. We saw Prague, Berlin, and my beloved Krakow. We took over 1000 pictures. We spent entire paychecks searching for the perfect pierogi. We bought wooden swords and hand crafted toys and bottles of Zybrowka. We came home exhausted and satisfied.

This year our plans were different. This year we told friends and family that we were off to Keeseville, NY and we heard a lot of “Why’s” and “Where’s?” and “Huh’s?”

Little did they know we were going to be smack in the middle of paradise. A real slice of American Pie. Complete with small town folks with Big North Country hearts.

We are living it up, Keesville Style.

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  1. Had I known, Jo. I would have brought you donuts. We are up before the chickens anyways, here!

    Have a wonderful time!

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