“Mommy….sing that song again!”

“You’re like a super trooper….”


“Lights are gonna find you…..”

“Mommy, I LOVE that song!! I LOVE ABBA!

Yes, Abba. Good old Abba. And as a kid I had the record; my first real piece of music. I played that record, over and over and over again. And my sister and I, we were the dancing queens.

The other day I was discussing this very important piece of my personal history (can’t remember who was dumb enough to stick around and listen) and my son overheard me singing “Super Trooper.”

It was love at first listen.

So my husband, being the devoted dad and patient husband that he is, downloaded the song for superman and I. And we cranked it up and danced and sang. And then superman kept singing.

Even after the music stopped.

And he kept singing.

In fact, it has been almost a week and at least several times a day superman graces us with his ever developing Abba performance.


But I guess I should be happy. With all of the “pimp yo momma” music out today, Abba is about as G-rated as it gets. And let’s face it: We all need a little Abba now and then.


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