My Best Friend’s Bathtub is Dirtier than I Thought.

You can learn a lot about people by visiting them in their homes.   Color schemes, knick knacks, window treatments, florals vs. solids; these important details can often provide a tiny glimpse into the hearts and minds of the residents, illustrating their passions, hobbies, and personal habits. A spotless kitchen, for instance, with nary a gadget in sight and a fridge covered in take [...]

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A Picture Worth the Pain it Brings

There is a photo that hangs in her bedroom tucked in a frame she bought when she still shopped at walmart It sits there against the calm of the forest green wall the color chosen by her husband a man willing to paint the walls hot pink if she so desires She walks by this photo [...]

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Monday’s Gonna Suck

She came into our lives three summers ago, a replacement for the therapist who got canned because he had fallen asleep while our four year old son played on the second floor balcony in our home. She didn’t have very big shoes to fill; our biggest requirement? Someone who would stay awake during the three [...]

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