December 2011

His Hands Hurt Me

He comes to me his hands bloodied covered in raw wounds but there are no tears   He doesn’t know what to do so he holds his hands out to me red swollen limp and i feel a shudder invade my heart   I kiss them lingering wondering hating and i taste the blood on [...]

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We Used to be Siblings. Now We’re Sisters.

A few months ago, while cleaning out a closet, my sister Aggie stumbled upon a piece of the past, a small shard of our lives as siblings. Folded and tucked inside a small Sanrio Keroppi tin she used to use as a piggy bank, was a note my little sister had written to me in [...]

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Polish Sausage Sandwiches Deserve to be Passed Down

“Oh my God. What is that smell?” “Eww! Where is it coming from?” “I’m gonna barf!” “Um, yeah, um, gross………um, yuck…….that’s so, um….ewww.” I tried my best to join in on the running commentary regarding the foul smell filling up my 3rd grade classroom a. Because it really did smell. b. Because the smell was [...]

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