October 2011

Reality Bites

One of the things we had to do upon admitting Andrew into the hospital this week was sign a bunch of consent forms. They were the usual “Permission to Treat,” “Permission to Wake Him Up in the Middle of the Night Out of a Deep and Necessary Sleep for No Good Reason Whatsoever,” and “Permission [...]

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These are the Days of Our Lives

So Andrew is back in the hospital again. But before you freak out on me, he’s here for some testing and not an emergency situation. Phew! Still though, it kinda sucks, so don’t stop feeling sorry for me yet. He’s having what’s called a Phase 1 EEG. For those of you with kiddos who have [...]

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There was a bee on my driver’s side window this morning Ian noticed it first. I thought it odd, a bee milling about on a rainy day and assumed it would fly away once I opened my car door. But there it was, stubborn and refusing to budge   I though it would get the [...]

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